About Us

Aspyre Africa is a registered charity founded by Savina Geerinckx and Veronique Cowan in September 2014 to respond to an urgent gap identified in the sector: a charity dedicated to young people (often too old to benefit from existing programmes), and able to link up beneficiaries, NGOs, training providers and businesses in a meaningful and sustainable way.  Aspyre Africa offers solid experience in the child rights sector, a thorough understanding of the local reality in Senegal, a wide network of trusted partners and contacts, and a direct connection to those young people in need of support.

Our values: accountability, integrity, coordination, collaboration & sustainability

About Us

Savina has been dedicated to the cause of children in street situations ever since she first visited a shelter in Kinshasa (DRC) in 1998.

Over the years she has worked as a street worker, programme officer, field researcher, trainer, external evaluator, and advocacy worker for various child rights organisations including Terre des hommes, Dynamo International, Consortium for Street Children, and UNICEF. Most recently she was Director of Overseas Programmes at Street Child Africa.

Savina has an MA in Social Anthropology of Development and a Master’s degree in Children’s Rights. She is a founding member of the consultancy group CREATE (Child Rights Evaluation, Advice and Training Exchange). Her career path has been driven by a desire to understand both the macro and micro issues at stake, protecting the right to education of children in street situations, acquire experience at all levels, and ultimately identify the job that would allow her to have the maximum impact on children’s lives.


Veronique’s long standing interest in development issues coupled with a real passion for Africa started as a teenager while visiting her father working in Togo, West Africa.

Over the years, her interest has led her to seek out development related work, both with the Development Planning Unit, part of the University College London, which studies urban issues in developing countries, and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), an international think tank looking at development issues, working on the Relief and Rehabilitation Network and at the Delegation of the European Commission in Botswana.

She has also volunteered for both Cricket Without Boundaries, a charity which links cricket to HIV/AIDS awareness and more recently Street Child Africa where she witnessed first-hand the issues facing vulnerable youth in Africa during trips to Zambia, Uganda, Ghana and Senegal.

Our Partner In Senegal

Association Jeunesse Espoir                                          

Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE) is a Senegalese NGO set up in 2011 and registered in 2012.  AJE works with vulnerable children, street children, talibes and children who have suffered abuse.  Their work is multifaceted: it includes providing healthcare to young people at risk, promoting and facilitating social and family reintegration, improving the living conditions of talibes children, delivering classes in French, English and Maths to their beneficiaries and providing them with access to vocational training.  AJE strives to respond to the various social and psychological needs of vulnerable children.

Our Partner In Senegal

Our advisors

Marie Wernham (Child Rights Consultant, CREATE)

David Cowan (Senior Economist for Africa, Citi)

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Katia Hountondji (Marketing Advisor)

Our trustees

Michael Mattingly

Marie-Laure Prévost

Shan Wang

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