Our Strategy

Aspyre Africa’s main goal is to develop a robust, sustainable and replicable model, which will secure the futures of countless economically disadvantaged young people in Africa. This model is being designed organically, from the ground up, and with full participation of all stakeholders, in particular of its young beneficiaries.

In Senegal, in partnership with Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE), we have designed 3 programmes in order to achieve this main goal:

The Individual Programme: provides economically disadvantaged young people with individually tailored support, vocational training aligned with the local labour market and access to employment or entrepreneurship.

The Vocational Training Programme: provides educational institutions with support to enhance or expand the training offer to respond to local labour market needs and opportunities.

The Model Development Programme: provides all stakeholders with the tools, training and mechanisms needed to guarantee quality and sustainable services to economically disadvantaged young people.

Piloted, evaluated and refined, each of these programmes will contribute to the development of Aspyre Africa’s unique model.


Our Strategy
  • Children living and/or working in the streets
  • Koranic school pupils (Talibes)
  • Young people in difficult family situations
  • Young people in conflict with the law