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New graduates & partnerships 

New graduates & partnerships 

In May I had the great joy of returning to Senegal to monitor our progress, work with the team and sign an important partnership agreement. Here are some highlights I wanted to share with you: 

. 18 Koranic pupils graduated in solar energy

. 20 Koranic pupils enrolled in car mechanics

. Partnership signed with the Senegalese Ministry of Vocational Training

Changing lives today

As always, the most rewarding part of the trip was spending time with the young people we support. In Saint-Louis it was my first opportunity to meet the 20 Koranic pupils who had been enrolled in our training in solar energy at Esebat, and supported by the Senegalese Government Fund for Vocational Training (3FPT). Their enthusiasm was contagious. With the proliferation of solar panels in the region, it was clear that they had understood the value of the training they were receiving. At the same time, with the general knowledge acquired in electrics, some managed to resolve electrical problems in their communities, a source of great pride! Two weeks ago they had their final examination, and I am very pleased to share with you that 18 successfully graduated! As we are preparing their internships, some have already been taken on as apprentices in their own village. With no shortage in demand, we are very hopeful about their prospects. 

Watch a short video (French) about the training created by the 3FPT. 

In Saint-Louis I also spent time at the LycĂ©e Technique AndrĂ© Peytavin, where I met the 20 Koranic pupils we enrolled in car mechanics (also supported by the 3FPT). It gives us great satisfaction that we were able to provide these young men not just with the most qualified trainers but also access to the best equipped centre of the region. 

In Dakar, we were able to finalize all the required documentation with the 3FPT to start our first trainings in solar energy, car diagnostics and welding at the “Safeguarding Centre of GuĂ©diawaye” in partnership with the LycĂ©e Limamoulaye vocational training centre. 

More updates on this in our next report.

Long term impact

Starting the collaboration with the 3FPT was a major milestone for Aspyre Africa. On this visit however we were able to take the collaboration to another level, as Aspyre Africa will soon embark on a baseline assessment in both Saint-Louis and GuĂ©diwaye (Dakar). Initiated and undertaken by Aspyre Africa, the assessment will: 

. Map all services providing vulnerable young people with access to vocational training and employment

. Document the real training needs of vulnerable young people

. Propose solutions following the analysis of innovative good practice, remaining challenges and opportunities for collaboration between the various stakeholders

By also sharing our expertise and knowledge in supporting vulnerable young people with the 3FPT, we aim to contribute to the development of an integrated “training and integration” programme for vulnerable groups.

Meanwhile, we also signed a highly anticipated partnership agreement with the Senegalese Ministry of Vocational Training (Department of Apprenticeships) to work together on sustainable solutions to reach and include the most vulnerable young people. 

Great progress, for sure, but our work isn’t done!