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Exciting plans for 2022

Exciting plans for 2022

We might be (a little) late… but we would still like to wish you and your loved ones Health, Joy and Happiness for the 11 months ahead!  We have exciting plans for 2022, including the registration of Aspyre Africa in Senegal, which will allow us to form the partnerships we need to scale up our work and secure its sustainability. But before we leap into 2022, let us share with you some of our milestones of 2021.

Through a partnership between the CIPA, USAID and Aspyre Africa, the technical training in horticulture of the next 2 groups of vulnerable young people was “covered” by USAID’s “Feed the Future – Youth in Agriculture” programme. For these 2 groups Aspyre Africa would provide the vital additional support and services, which had been identified, developed and tested during our previous successful pilot projects working with vulnerable young people at the CIPA training centre: 

Through in-person visits to the Koranic Schools, the Aspyre Africa/ CIPA team: 

Strengthened relationships with Koranic teachers of Saint-Louis & built trust

Identified the training needs of the Koranic pupils (boys)

Negotiated the training format to suit their lives and commitments

Through individual interviews and practical exercises, we selected the most motivated and suitable candidates for the training on offer. 

20 Koranic pupils were enrolled into horticulture training. 

Despite the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic, the Aspyre Africa funded “Follow up & Integration Office” (CAI) at the CIPA continued to thrive and became a true hub of support for current and past trainees. 

The 2021 cohort had a thirst for knowledge and were determined to succeed in this field.” (Nafissatou – in charge of the CAI)

Past trainees were given individual guidance and support throughout the year: e.g. 4 business plans were written, submitted to funding programmes, and approved. The CAI helped 2 others secure new jobs: one managing a farm, the other gardening for different private clients both in Dakar and Saint-Louis. One Koranic pupil, supervised by the CIPA team, managed to make a total profit of £250 rearing two flocks of chickens. This money helped him fund his own agricultural campaign back in his village. 

Breakfast was provided by Aspyre Africa for all Koranic pupils in training, to prevent them from having to skip classes to go and work to pay for their breakfast.  

In December 2021, 14 talibes successfully graduated 

At the graduation ceremony, they were asked to present their Business Plans, elaborated during the training. The audience was really moved by the work done by these young people. We could feel the pride they felt about their achievements. 

Many would never have imagined ever being in a situation like this, where they suddenly had the chance to fulfil their dreams, of having a job and being able to support themselves.” Nafissatou

As we launched into the new year, we started with the recrutement of the second group, consisting of both boys and girls this time. Most exciting is that we managed to involve key organisations and government services working with at risk young people in the process. We strongly believe that only by joining efforts will we be able to offer young people the coordinated support they deserve. 

In 2022 we further plan to: 

Reach more vulnerable young people through new pilot projects, offering different skills, in different communities, with different partners

Reach more vulnerable young people through new pilot projects, offering different skills, in different communities, with different partners

Document all the lessons learned, so they can be shared

Work with key partners to bring about long-term, sustainable change